The nitrogen problem is the harmful effect on ecosystems of an excess of emissions of reactive nitrogen compounds into the nitrogen cycle due to human activity. With an N-recovery unit it is possible to reduce nitrogen emissions at company level.

Cobra Easy Bed

The Cobra Easy Bed is an automated box filler for separated fraction (or another raw material). The robot is user-friendly, durable and comfortable for humans and animals. Rest is important for the cow, especially in barns with milking robots. An automatic bedding system ensures that cows do not have to be driven away weekly to fill boxes. The Cobra can dose at any time of the day while the cow is in the box.

Industrial dryer

The latest generation of drying tunnels are made of stainless steel and of industrial quality. Corrosion caused by ammonia or acids is thus prevented and a long service life is guaranteed. Strocon's many years of experience has resulted in a sustainable drying tunnel.