Start up of a new Cobra Easy Bed in Belgium

Opstart Cobra Easy Bed in België In het voorgaande nieuwsbericht is te lezen dat we bezig waren met het opbouwen en opstarten van nieuwe Cobra’s. Eén van die Cobra’s in onderhand afgeleverd en volledig geïnstalleerd bij een klant in Aalter, België. Deze klant heeft recent de koeienstal uitgebreid, en is overgegaan van een

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Construction and transport of the new Cobra Easy Bed

Construction and transport of the new Cobra Easy Bed At the assembly department at Strocon in Aalten, we are currently busy building and installing a number of new Cobras. One of those Cobras was transported to a customer in Belgium this week. Our automatic scattering system will help the farmer there

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Construction of the new Raccoon Unpacking Machine

Construction of the new Raccoon Unpacking Machine A few weeks ago we introduced a new machine here on the website in the form of a news item. That ”new machine” has now been given an identity under the name of the Raccoon Unpacking Machine. The Raccoon is an industrial unpacker that easily separates all kinds of packaging

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Company visit to membrane filtration installation

Company visit to membrane filtration installation On Thursday, October 14, 2021, a second sounding board group will be organized in Boekel (the Netherlands) to explain the preliminary results of field trials. The calculation tool is also presented to the sounding board group. This tool provides insight into the economic side of using these fertilizers. After the sounding board group, lunch and an afternoon

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Construction of new straw distributor

Construction of a new straw distributor Over the past 3 weeks, we have been working hard on a new straw distributor in our workshop in Aalten. It will soon be transported to a goat shed in the Utrecht region. This Python Spreader will ensure that the stable is always provided with an evenly distributed content

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Strocon introduces new machine

Strocon introduces new machine At Strocon we are continuously developing new techniques and installations. This shredder separates the used product from packaging such as laminated cardboard and plastic. The used product can then be mixed with, for example, animal feed, so that completely new recipes can be put together.

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Strocon present at Dutch Pork Expo

Strocon present at Dutch Pork Expo [UPDATE] Click here for tickets After a very satisfied visit to the Dutch Poultry Expo, Strocon will also be present at the Dutch Pork Expo on 12 & 13 October. The trade event where the entire pig farming sector from the Netherlands and the German and Belgian border regions comes together. This is

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Strocon present at Dutch Poultry Expo

Strocon aanwezig op Dutch Poultry Expo Op 8 & 9 september is Strocon aanwezig op de Dutch Poultry Expo 2021. Met meer dan 3600 bezoekers in 2019, is dit het enige nationale vakevenement die zich specifiek richt op de pluimveesector. Samen met 170 andere exposanten is hier van alles te vinden. Denk hierbij

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New nitrogen stripper for transport abroad

New nitrogen stripper on transport abroad On Monday 30 August, another nitrogen stripper went on transport abroad. With a nitrogen stripper it is possible to reduce nitrogen emissions. With this method, nitrogen is stripped from digestate and stored as ammonium sulfate or nitrate. A nitrogen stripper is a technical installation

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New website

Strocon launches new website As can be seen, Strocon.nl has received a necessary upgrade. The previous version was outdated and did not have an English version for our customers abroad. The necessary change has now been made. The new site works faster, is more compact, has a better overview and is easy to navigate.

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