Automatic loading crane

With this automatic loading crane, the supply and removal of biomass can be automated with simple operation. The advantage of the Strocon Pelican is that this loading crane is able to supply and discharge various substances and products to great heights. 

The Pelican is a crane that can be used multifunctionally for customer-specific products. This crane is configured according to the requirements and wishes of the customer. Moving and loading biomass up to 150 tons per day is common. The Pelican is not limited to moving biomass. The crane is specially composed for the desired product to be transported. 

The Pelican works with a command system. These orders are created automatically as soon as an external machine makes a product request, or the user creates one himself via a touch panel. Thanks to this system, the loading crane is not limited to just filling a supply bunker, but it can also clear new loads that have arrived, so that the product input is automatically released for the next load.

This automatic loading crane is equipped with programmed intelligence using a product height scanner. With this function, the crane will fully automatically calculate the most effective way of functioning. Due to the 3-dimensional movements, the Pelican is suitable for any type of storage bunker. The integrated weight measurement system allows the crane to store data. In a clear data-logging system it is possible to keep track of where and when transport has taken place.

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