Manure Processing

Thin Fraction Processing

High efficiency separation
The first step in the process is separating the manure into a thick and a thin fraction. The thick fraction has a high percentage of the ingoing phosphate and the thin fraction has a low dry matter content.

Microfiltration (MF) with ceramic membranes
Many waste streams consist for the most part of water in addition to their minerals. The processing of the thin fraction ensures that these minerals end up in products with an increased concentration. This is done by filtering the majority of the water from the liquid. After separation, the liquid passes through a drum filter, which stops the last floating parts. The filtered liquid goes to a microfiltration (MF). During this filtration process, undissolved substances larger than 0.1 µm are retained by the ceramic membrane. This means that anything larger is held back by the membrane and cannot enter the next step. The driving force for the membrane filtration is the pressure difference across the membrane from feed to permeate side. Due to the unique membrane surface, a high efficiency can be achieved with a compact installation.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)
After treatment in the ceramic membranes of the microfiltration, the permeate enters reverse osmosis (RO). This is a pressure-driven process that uses the semipermeable membrane. High pressure allows water to pass through the membrane but prevents salts. Clean water and a concentrated liquid are created; mineral concentrate. Our unique way of filtering ensures a low concentration of concentrate. This means that there is little mineral concentrate and it contains a high concentration of minerals. The clean water can be used on the company's own farm or discharged with a permit.

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